June 27, 2011

Stefano's Pizza

This past weekend I went on my annual family trip. My entire family on my mom's side, all 17 of us, go to Gatlinburg and rent a cabin. We all stay together and hang out, play cards, and eat lots of food. After three gluttonous days in the Smoky Mountains with my family, my mom and I decided one more day of overindulgence couldn't hurt. We stopped in Knoxville on the way home to grab some pizzas from our favorite place in the world, Stefano's. Stefano's has been in Knoxville for awhile. In fact, my mom and dad used live in Knoxville and go on dates there before they were married.
Stefano's is a Chicago style pizza, though not the super deep dish kind you might be thinking of. The best part about their pizza is the crust! They were the first pizza joint I had ever heard of to have whole wheat crust, and let me tell you, its the best; thick and crunchy but with a fluffy bread-like texture inside. It is also the best pizza sauce I've ever had. It's extra thick and dark red in color with lots of flavor, unlike most pizza sauces that are thin and runny and taste watered down. We always order our pizzas with extra sauce! 
Large veggie on whole wheat with extra sauce. YUM!
Stefano's has all the regular toppings and combinations, and I'm sure they are all good but I have never, and will never, stray from the regular veggie pizza. Even my boyfriend Jaren, who is an avid pepperoni and sausage pizza eater, likes their veggie pizza better! They load the pizza up with bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and green and black olives. It's simply the best. 
My slices. Always topped with a heavy dose of crushed red pepper!
If you get a chance, stop by Stefano's when you're in or even near Knoxville. It's well worth a short (or long) drive. And a little tip, if you decide to dine in, don't forget to get a fountain drink. They not only have the best pizza I've ever had, but the best ice too! Now if we can only get one in Nashville...
1937 Cumberland Ave.
Knoxville, TN
(865) 522-4151